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Understanding Periodontal Therapy: Phases of Treatment and Benefits

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is a type of disease that affects the gums and other structure that surround the teeth. It is one of the leading cause of gum disease and tooth loss all over the world and is very common. The earliest symptoms of the disease are red, swollen or tender gums that bleed while brushing and eventually leads to receding gums, loosening of teeth and in worst cases, total loss of teeth. This inflammation can also spread to other parts of the body if not treated within time.

When it comes to oral health, experts undertake periodontal therapy in McKinney and always keep an eye on your gums during regular appointments. In case any potential signs are identified, our dentist in McKinney can immediately recommend periodontal therapy procedures for treatment. Two primary treatment procedures are scaling and root planing.

Phases of Treatment

There are two types of gum treatment in McKinney: surgical and non-surgical; which one your dentist recommends depends on bad your infection is. Non-surgical treatments include medicines and mouth washing. Surgical treatment is recommended after non-surgical methods have failed.

Phase I: In this phase, our gum disease treatment in McKinney focuses on controlling the infection and restoration of healthy micro biota. The dentist will also try to identify what is causing periodontal disease. Scaling procedures and root planing are also undertaken during this phase. Patients are educated to take certain precautions at home to ensure that the infection does not spread.

Phase II: A dentist in McKinney refers to this phase as the surgical phase, when treatments have failed, and surgery is the best option. This phase happens when the infection or plague is too deep to eliminate through regular means. Surgical procedures include the leveling of shallow bone defects or using regenerative surgery to clear deep bone defects. Surgery is carried out under local anesthesia, and most patients do not feel any pain afterwards.

Phase III: In periodontal therapy in McKinney, this phase is termed as the maintenance phase in which a patient is encouraged to following oral hygiene practices. Dental experts will tell you which method to follow and how to maintain your oral health to prevent further infection. This phase is important after an individual has undergone surgical procedure.

Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

Here we list several advantages of periodontal therapy.

  • Dentists in McKinney use non-surgical methods to identify the cause of the disease and suggest treatment, accordingly
  • Reduces the spread of bacterial infection in the mouth and prevents gum diseases
  • Improves the overall dental health of an individual
  • Reduces the chances of bone damage due to infection; this helps with the longevity of the teeth
  • Prevents cross-contamination and spread through oral procedures to other people
  • Prevents the entry of bacteria in the bloodstream

Expert dentists at Eternity Dental have the means and expertise to take care of your oral health and recommend the best possible treatment for your gum conditions

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