Modern dental techniques make your care safer and more comfortable than ever. We’ve incorporated the best technology and services to ensure that your experience at Eternity Dental in McKinney is something you’ll always feel confident about.

Intraoral Photography

Have you ever wished that you could see exactly the same thing that your dentist does? Thanks to high resolution digital imaging, we can take a picture of even the tiniest areas inside of your mouth to share it on a monitor inside of the exam room, as we discuss our findings alongside of you. It’s one of the best ways we can “co-plan” treatment with our patients.

Digital Radiography

Low radiation digital X-rays are faster and better for planning treatment and screening for disease. They’re an essential part of your visit, making it possible to evaluate areas around or inside of teeth that aren’t visible during a clinical exam.

Panoramic Imaging

Digital panoramic radiographs allow us to fully assess your orofacial anatomy and TMJ, which are especially important for planning dental implant treatments, extractions, or monitoring the development of teeth in young patients.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you’re planning a basic surgical procedure or have moderate anxiety related to visiting the dentist, oral conscious sedation provides a window of a few hours to complete your procedure before the medication wears off. Because it’s an amnesiac, you likely won’t remember anything!

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Convenient for every age, laughing gas offers just enough analgesic to help you relax through a simple cleaning or overcome mild anxiety during your next filling. We recommend nitrous oxide during most restorative procedures, so that you can feel at ease from start to finish.

IV Sedation

When you have a longer procedure or just prefer to “tune out” everything going on around you, IV sedation may be your best option. This deeper level of sedative allows you to feel as if you’re napping throughout the entire appointment.

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