No matter where your smile is at or what it’s been through, our Restorative Dentistry in McKinney is here to help you achieve the best oral health available (and enjoy the confidence you deserve!)

Traditional Crowns and Bridges

Durable ceramic crowns and bridges replace missing teeth and repair damaged ones without sacrificing aesthetics. Each of our restorations are hand made by our trusted lab, for an optimal fit and design.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite materials are less invasive to your teeth, making them better options for treating cavities or damaged enamel. With our professional restorative dentistry in McKinney we ensure that the restorations are matched to blend in with the tooth next to them; no one has to know you’ve had dental work!

Dentures and Partials

With our restorative dentistry services ,replacing missing teeth has never been easier or more affordable . Our custom dentures are available in traditional designs as well as implant supported options for added stability.

Root Canal Therapy

In-house endodontic treatment makes it possible to preserve your natural tooth and avoid unnecessary dental extractions. If you’re experiencing an abscessed tooth, severe toothache, or a large cavity that extends to the nerve, a root canal is the best way to prevent the situation from getting worse.


When teeth are infected or damaged to a point where they’re no longer restorable (or you’re in severe pain,) removing them is typically the best solution. We’re committed to ensuring that your dental extraction is as comfortable as possible!

“Which Treatment do I Need?”

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