Myth Buster: Orthodontics

Whenever it comes to dentists and orthodontists, people get scared and back off until they are left with no other options. These ‘doctors’ are often linked to horrific and painful treatments that can easily scare the soul out of one. However, it all a bit overestimated. These people are not that bad and scary as they have been made to seem in the eyes of public. Have a look at few myths about orthodontists to ease up your mind about them.

Myth # 1: Every dentist is also an orthodontic

The first and the most common thing people think is their go-to dentist is also an Orthodontist, which is mostly not the case. A dentist may provide you with metal braces and clear aligner, but only an orthodontist is the one who has studied in detail and specializes in aligning your teeth structure and giving you the smile you deserve. After completing their dental years, they take up additional two years to practice in teeth alignments. Here Eternity Dental Team offers orthodontics experts who are determined to make you smile confidently.

Myth # 2: I am too old for orthodontic treatment

People often think that orthodontic treatments or orthodontics are for children. Because of which many adults are hesitant to go to an orthodontist and ask for some help for their teeth. Whereas, the truth is, patients of all age can benefit from orthodontic treatments. Age should never be a concern when it’s about smiling confidently. It is true you see a lot of kids and teens when you at an orthodontic clinic, which is because the lesser the age the quicker your treatment ends.

Myth # 3: My Orthodontic treatment will cost me my life

People believe that because orthodontic treatment is very personal, it might cost them their life, which is not true. Actually, their fees usually reflect the complexity of their work. Some cases end in months, whereas, some take up years to finish. But, having your smile treated by an orthodontist is actually worth all your pennies.

Myth # 4: Once you get you braces, you don’t need a follow-up

People after getting their braces done by an orthodontist usually don’t keep a follow-up. This is an ultimate worst thing they are doing to themselves. Regular visits and monitoring is essential. Straightening teeth can be a very complex treatment, as a lot of planning goes in each case. And, you wouldn’t want to just leave your treatment in the middle. It is suggested to have an appointment scheduled after every 8-10 weeks.

Myth # 5: I’ll have braces for the rest of my life

People who opt for braces usually end up assuming that they will have these braces placed on their teeth for the rest of their life. Part of the reason why people don’t visit orthodontist is this myth. Your treatment depends on the severity of your case. Majority of the people who have braces, have them for a maximum of 2 years. Every case is unique, but the time spent in this treatment should be worth the result you are getting.

Myth # 6: Only visit orthodontic when in dire need of aligning teeth

If you have an open cut wound, will you still wait for it to get worse and go to see the doctor? No, right! Same is the case with your teeth. Many people avoid going to orthodontist at early stage to maybe save money. But, in actual they are increasing the amount of money they’ll be investing in themselves later on in their life.

Myth # 7: After the treatment is over, my teeth will remain straight

The most popular of myth is people believing that their teeth will remain straight once they have had their orthodontic treatment, which is not the case. Complications such a wisdom tooth or extracting of a tooth leading to a gap can reverse the treatment at times. Often times it happens because people don’t wear the retainers given to them by their dentist.


Orthodontist in Mckinney are here to assist you with more information regarding orthodontist and the treatment they provide.


Hence, orthodontists are really people associated with useless and pointless superstitions. Take a greater look at them before going for your dental treatment so that even you are satisfied with them.

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