How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Breath? – Exploring Mouthwashes

One puts in special effort to appear decent and pleasing to others because the urge for approval from others has always been persistent within the human nature. It has been recognized that people with good hygiene and conducts are usually thought of as having a respectable personality. Conducts and behavior are instilled into a person through years of observance and learning while maintaining good hygiene is also reflected as a good trait. Studies suggest that oral hygiene leaves a lasting impact on the person in front of you. Imagine having problems with talking to others in an open hearted fashion due to bad oral hygiene – this can seriously blotch your personality and can have detrimental effects on your social life too.


What exactly is bad breath?

If oral hygiene is not maintained and taken care of, bacteria thrive and flourish within the oral cavity. In addition to this, food particles can get trapped on the uneven surfaces of your tongue and sometimes on tonsils too, if flossing or proper brushing is not done. The marriage of bad oral hygiene and bacteria flourishing leads to the breakdown of food particles for the production of sulfur compounds aka bad breath. This also adds to the inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis and damage to the tooth structure by cavities. Bad breath in the most common scenarios is due to these reasons. Other causes may be

  • Using tobacco products
  • Dry mouth
  • Medications such as antihistamines used to treat allergies
  • Infections in mouth such as tooth abscess
  • Small stones in tonsils, chronic inflammation of sinus or throat- post nasal drip
  • Metabolic disorders, Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), liver disorders and rarely cancers.


What’s the solution to my bad breath?

The most common solution is to keep the mouth hydrated, proper brushing, flossing, and using mouthwashes. Mouthwashes generally tend to aid a lot in the reduction of bad breath because of antibacterial ingredients and other chemical compounds which aim at returning the levels of bacteria to their original levels and neutralizing odors.

The myth about Mouthwashes

People generally ask about best mouthwash for bleeding gums, in addition to this new concerns are raised about ph of mouthwash especially ph of Listerine as its pretty common.  The answer to these questions is that depending upon the evaluation by dentist a mouthwash for bleeding gums can be Listerine, crest-pro or any other brand. Studies suggest that using mouthwashes such as Listerine after having food or juices that decrease the Salivary pH of the mouth helps in neutralizing the pH as well (Dehghan et al., 2015). One should know that salivary pH is usually basic and a pH acidic in nature or below 5.5 can lead to demineralization of tooth structure such as enamel. Choose whichever mouthwash you like, but just be sure to have a neutral pH so that bacteria don’t get a chance to establish a colony on that eroding tooth structure.


Did you know?

Another knowledge that you must have is that mouthwashes also help in reducing teeth sensitivity and alleviating symptoms of a sore throat. Sensodyne Mouthwash Cool mint- may serve as the best mouthwash for sensitive teeth and as far as the question of best mouthwash for sore throat is concerned, you should know that a mouthwash won’t do any good for the sore throat directly, but any antiseptic mouthwash can target the bacteria irritating the throat and leading to alleviation of symptoms.


We can safely conclude that mouthwashes are going to definitely help you regarding that bad breath of yours especially if the cause is related to oral cavity. For other causes you might need to visit a physician to curb the problem – if any. You are now also in the possession of knowledge pertinent to mouthwashes. You can always call us up and book an appointment to take a professional advice. Remember to always consult your dentist before taking any steps towards treatment of any issue relevant to oral cavity!



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