Fluoride Treatment – An Effective and Cost Efficient Way to Reduce Dental Problems

Tooth decay or cavity problems arise due to the acid produced by bacteria and amount of sugar naturally present in our mouth. The acid production erodes the upper protective layers of enamel leaving the tooth naked to get affected by bacteria and food reactions. The process of loss of enamel layer is due to loss of minerals known as demineralization.

With the passage of time, the demineralization process causes holes in the teeth which are known as cavities. A cavity can result in a severe toothache, tooth loss, and gum problems.

Why Fluoride Is Helpful

Active Fluoride helps reinforce the teeth through a process known as remineralization which is juxtaposed to demineralization. Fluoride mineral bonds the weakened areas of tooth enamel which helps in preventing sensitivity and tooth cracks. It also minimizes the acid production, serving to impede the process that leads to tooth decay.

For growing ages fluoride helps to provide adequate conditions to improve the permanent teeth formation and make teeth stronger and additionally resistant to effects of food which leads to tooth decay.

Preventive Dentistry in McKinney

Fluoride treatments are a part of Preventive Dentistry in McKinney as they allow dentists to heal as well as protect teeth from future problems. It is also a cost-effective strategy to improve overall dental health without spending much over expensive treatments

Fluoride treatments not only save teeth from decaying but also help to fight oral problems at a microscopic level. It sorts several dental issues at very early stages and stabilizes the teeth structure to resist pain, irritation, sensitivity, gum problems, overcrowding, and tooth loss.

Types of Fluoride Treatments in Preventive Dentistry

According to Preventive Dentistry in McKinney there are three types of fluoride treatments which are named as;

  • Topical Fluoride Treatment
  • Systemic Fluoride Treatment
  • Professional Fluoride Treatment

Topical Fluoride Treatment includes the form of fluoride obtained topically and is directly applied over tooth enamel. It can be mixed in toothpaste, tooth creams, mouthwashes, gargling solutions or mouth-rinses. Some companies also offer fluoride strips – some amount of fluoride saturated with mouth cream is embedded on a piece of synthetic paper. These strips can be used directly by pealing the protective layer and setting the paper around the teeth for three to five minutes.

Systemic Fluoride Treatment includes oral medicines which contain a high amount of fluoride. You have to swallow a tablet or capsule. Some companies also offer dietary fluoride supplements and fluoridated water.

Professional Fluoride Treatment in McKinney is conducted under the supervision of dentists including general and cosmetic dentists. A concentrated paste or fluoride is applied over the enamel layer in the form of a gel, paste, varnish or foam. In most cases, the solution is applied with a brush or a cotton swab. After a few minutes, the solution is removed or rinsed off.

As per the patients’ condition, topical or systemic fluoride treatments are suggested on a regular basis whereas professional fluoride treatment is recommended anywhere between three and twelve months. Oral Medicine in McKinney TX is a safe option that’s why dentists prefer systemic fluoride treatments in most cases.

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