Negligence is Costly – Dentistry is not

For hundreds of years, people have been entangled with anonymity associated with dentistry. While other tales may not have gained much acceptance, the one declaring that dental treatment is way too overpriced has left a mark on the minds of individuals.


A stitch in time saves nine

One should realize that beforehand awareness has never proven to have detrimental effects especially when related to issues pertinent to health. Your body is the most complex machine that you could ever understand. It demands to be taken care of. When a person observes ignorance and is not mindful of his/her body giving away signs of deteriorating health, costs of treatments also increase with passing time.

Road to Missing teeth

Such is the case with dentistry, be it any type of treatment. For instance, let us take you through a journey of caries and how does it make you end up with a missing tooth or teeth. When you don’t pay attention to your oral hygiene and the bad odor coming from your mouth, it means you are giving space to bacteria to eat up your gums and make a home in your tooth. At this stage, Simple oral hygiene improvement through regular mouthwash and proper brushing can get the job done. If there is accumulation of calculus, scaling will get you out of it. But once you get caries on a single tooth in mouth, it starts to give away symptoms such as pain and discoloration of the tooth structure, sometimes even in initial stages.



Check out those pits!

If you tend to ignore the symptom and leave it be – it will progress from pits and fissures or incipient caries to caries that will effect a good part of your enamel. One should remember that until now the treatment can be done through tooth filling by composite resins, glass ionomer cements, and shall cost you lesser than what is to come but more than what could have been saved.


Don’t let the tooth cry


From here on, if left untreated, caries will progress to dentin and might give you pain more than you think you can take. At this stage, your affected tooth is literally crying out for help, and the dentist could put in a base or a liner to protect the tooth’s pulp and filling could get the job done for you. Once the pulp is exposed and your nerves and vessels get infected this leads to irreversible type of pulp damage in future and now there is no choice but to go for a Root canal treatment and capping afterwards. This is surely going to cost you more than just a filling.



Bridging the gap between teeth

For some people who think that letting go still is not going to cause any harm, they should visit a dentist now to know that damage has already been done. Opting for no treatment at this stage is going to push that tooth towards extraction, and before that you might experience tooth abscess and other painful consequences. Once extracted, if it is an anterior one, you will immediately need a replacement in the form of a bridge and that too is costly depending on your choices and number of missing teeth.


You can now yourself see, where your ignorance has landed you. Today, it might be one tooth, tomorrow they can be all gone and then you will have no choice but to go for either complete artificial dentures or implants, which are definitely going to give your nightmares in terms of money.


Out of money!



This surely gives you an idea of who is the main culprit behind these costly treatments- utter disregard for oral health. People then seek dentists that accept dental insurances. Majorly people look out for difference between hmo and ppo dental insurances when opting for dental treatments. Others tend to look out for modern dentistry locations to just have a way out of that costly treatment.
You don’t need to sway here and there for we accept PPO insurance and also give away affordable financial dental treatment plans. In the end one should know that all of this, would not have happened, if someone would have just paid attention to oral hygiene measures in the initial stages.



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