Things to Know About Preventive Dentistry

What is Preventive Dentistry? Preventive dentistry is the practice of taking care of your teeth and keep them healthy. The techniques involved help avoid cavities, enamel war, bleeding gums, tooth decay and other dental diseases. Dentists and other experts take special care of your teeth with regular preventive care treatments. Preventative dentistry in McKinney has […]

Dental Fluoride Treatment Protects Teeth Against Tooth Decay

Fluorine is an element that’s highly recommended for preventing tooth decay. The compound fluoride has fluorine ions in it, and provides certain benefits to teeth: it increases the resistance of the enamel, it is antibacterial (acts against the growth of bacteria that produce tartar and allows the enamel layer to be demineralized) Fluoride protects our […]

What is Preventive Dentistry? Best Practices for Oral Health

Preventive Dentistry Preventive dentistry is a modern way of taking care of oral health and preventing mouth problems. It helps in keeping your teeth clean, which means there will be less dental treatment needed in the future. The two major causes of oral problems today are tooth decay and gum diseases. Preventive dentistry in McKinney […]


Can’t afford a visit to the dentist for preventive dentistry in McKinney? You’re not alone. The cost of preventive dentistry has risen continuously by nearly twice the average inflation rate over the past half-century. In addition to consistently increasing dental expenses, the number of consumers with access to dental insurance decreased to a great extent, leaving only about 64% of […]

Fluoride Treatment – An Effective and Cost Efficient Way to Reduce Dental Problems

Tooth decay or cavity problems arise due to the acid produced by bacteria and amount of sugar naturally present in our mouth. The acid production erodes the upper protective layers of enamel leaving the tooth naked to get affected by bacteria and food reactions. The process of loss of enamel layer is due to loss […]