Benefits you get from a Dental Implant

Preventive Dentistry and Implants offer the best solution for damaged teeth – Dental implants; frames which are screwed in your jawbone positioned beneath your gum. It is a hi-tech replacement of the tooth which mimics exactly as the original tooth. The screw inserted in the bone is later used to support dentures, bridges, and crowns. And if it is properly taken care of, it can last a lifetime.

With modern technology advancing day by day, more patients are opting for dental implants as their way to treat teeth damages which in multiple ways benefits them.

  1. One of the biggest reasons that the masses are opting for dental implants is that they behave like natural teeth. You have the exact same bite and chew force. It is said that most patients cannot even tell the difference between the implants.


  1. Whereas, bridges, crowns and dentures last 5, 10 and 15 years respectively. A dental implant can last a lifetime if it is well taken care of. Even though the material of the dental implant is titanium, it’s not toxic to our body.


  1. According to Implant Dentists in McKinney, placing a dental implant in place of a missing tooth can keep you away from the worse. Such a big cavity can be an open invite for infections, which further will make the space infected leading to severe gum diseases.


  1. One of the major reason to opt for dental implant is; it prevents bone loss. When we lose a tooth which is not replaced by another tooth, the jawbone beneath deteriorates. If no implant is place within the first 12 months of losing the tooth, the jawbone loses more than 20% of its surface area and continues to do so. As for dentures accelerate bone lose, because of which they often become lose overtime.


  1. Our teeth will gradually keep changing positions if there is a cavity left unfilled. If a dental implant is not used in that space the gap of a missing tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to inclined towards the gap making an uninform formation of teeth.


  1. We do know that nothing in this era comes for free or cheap. Be it the dentures, crowns or the bridges. They all have their costs. Making dental implant the costliest of all. But, looking at the lifelong expectancy of them, anyone can say they are worth the cost. Why waste hundreds of dollars on dentures and crowns which we know will eventually wear off. In this case, dental implants give you a good value for your money when compared to other restorations.


  1. Taking the last listed point forward, tooth loss or wearing dentures can often impact on one’s confidence. While many people having dentures comment they often worry about them moving as they talk or feeling a suction when chewing something. With dental implants, your tooth is held in place by your jawbone and will surely not feel like moving when you talk or eat.


Overall, dental implants restoration has 98% more success rate when compared to other dental restoration process.

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