Our Approach to Care

We treat every patient as if they’re our own friend, sister, brother, or neighbor. You want the very best for your smile, and we do too! Working with you as a team, we can ensure that your oral health priorities are met in a high-quality manner.

Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

We work closely with your insurance carrier so that you can access all of the coverage and benefits that you’re entitled to. Your treatment plan will include an estimate of what and how much is covered, so that you have a good idea of what to expect.

Get Affordable Financing on All Treatment

No insurance? No problem! We offer affordable payment options on all services. Easily finance your next treatment so that it fits your monthly budget.

Meet Dr. Hema Patil

Dr. Patil is a highly trained dentist in McKinney, Texas committed to offering the very best in high-quality Family Dentistry in McKinney TX She has dedicated countless hours to advanced training and continuing education in effort to provide her patients with a wide array of services to meet most needs. From routine preventive dentistry to advanced orthodontist and dental cosmetic procedures — Dr. Patil’s committed to providing the best dentistry for children and adults that is cost-effective to you and your family. Come to best orthodontist in McKinney TX and see for yourself why Dr. Patil is your best choice when it comes to family dentistry, fluoride treatment, and gum disease treatment dentistry in McKinney.

Featured Services

Gum Therapy

Did you know that periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? Active gum disease can also increase your risk of major medical problems. Our in-house soft tissue treatments help you stop the infection from spreading. Your smile — and your overall health — will thank you.

Crowns and Bridges

Preserve and replace damaged teeth with durable ceramic restorations that blend right in with your smile, because they’re custom matched and designed just for you. Our crowns and bridges can also be placed on top of dental implants.

Checkups and Cleanings

Keep your smile healthy by avoiding dental problems before they start. Thanks to advanced screening and therapeutic techniques, we can limit your risk of common oral health concerns. We recommend a cleaning and exam every six months for healthy adults and children.

Cosmetic Solutions

Dreaming of beautiful, white, straight teeth that you can feel confident in? We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental and fluoride treatment options in McKinney TX to match your personal goals and budget. Ask to book a consultation to learn more about what’s available.

Sedation Dentistry

Predictably replace missing teeth and restore your smile with permanent implants and implant supported restorations made to look and feel like natural teeth. As most friendly Dentistry for Children in TX we have special treatment plans for children tooth issues.

Dental Implants

Predictably replace missing teeth and restore your smile with permanent implants and implant supported restorations made to look and feel like natural teeth.


Meet Our Team

At Eternity Dental, we enjoy working together as a team of friends, committed to delivering only the best care for our patients. Each of our staff are happy to assist you with your questions and concerns, ensuring that you’re well looked after at every stage of care.

Only tooth decay is not a symptom of poor oral health; you might need a dentist for sensitivity, teeth cracking, gum infections, gum swelling, dislocated teeth, crowding, cyst, bristles, tooth wobbling, etc. Along with treatment for these issues, it is also essential to control the factors which cause oral problems. The diagnostics and treatments are incomplete without educating the patient regarding Dental Hygiene Insurance and the necessity of prescribed therapy, treatment or medication.

Proper Knowledge about the causes and prevention of particular oral conditions from which the patient is suffering or might suffer in future will motivate them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and follow proper treatment process prescribed by the dentist.

Commonly patients consider every oral health facilitator as a dentist, but in actual every facilitator has its pre-defined job and prescribe treatments according to their specific domain. Dentistry for children is different form Cosmetic Dentistry, and an Orthodontist has a different set of expertise. We have derived the concept of Family Dentistry in Mckinney TX by combining the specialties of different domains of dentistry to deliver adequate solutions to every dental problem. We are a team of oral medicine experts, orthodontists, pedodontists, endodontist, prosthodontists, and oral pathologists. In simple words, we provide complete oral treatments and oral problem solutions under one roof.

Orthodontics belongs to the specialization of dentistry that takes care of malpositioned teeth or jaws and related problems. The diagnosis might include braces, teeth removal, prediction of future teeth eruption, prevention and correction of dislocated teeth or jaw bone. Their procedures are long and required months to resolve the problems accurately. It might require suggestions and help from Cosmetic Dentistry domain.

A Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any dental therapy or treatment that improves the aesthetical appearance of gums, teeth, or jaw bone. Along with attention on the functionality of oral parts, the primary focuses of a cosmetic dentist is to work on teeth pigmentation, alignment, position, dimension, shape, and overall smile appearance. They add confidence to your personality and let you have a million dollar smile. Pedodontists are specialized in handling oral concerns of infants and children. They are also experts of dealing issues related to baby teeth and can reshape the future smile.

There are numerous dental therapies and treatments which are prescribed as per oral health of patients, but few common treatments are Tooth Implantation, Tooth Removal, Root Canal Therapy, Fluoride Treatment, and Gum Disease Treatments. These treatments are suggested on the basis of dental problems, age, overall health history, and specified requirements of every patient. Satisfaction and motivation are the tools to make treatment process stress-free for the patients. From basic hygiene concerns to specific medication of the treatment, we guide people on every step. We listen to the patients and educate them from covering all aspects to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone. Our focus on proper diagnosis makes it easy for patients to trust our skills and keep them encouraged regardless of pain or hectic procedure.